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Series A was the first series of QI; each episode was broadcast weekly on BBC Four from 11 September 2003 to 23 December 2003 and repeated on BBC Two a week later (with the exception of "Adam", which was broadcast solely on BBC Two). All of the questions (with the exception of the final "general ignorance" round) were on subjects beginning with "a" (such as "arthropods", "Alans" and "astronomy"). The episodes were given titles retrospectively; most of the questions in a given episode do not relate to the title, although they will have some "a" theme.

Episodes in the A Series do not have XL equivalents. There are 12 half-hour episodes in this series and 22 unique panellists; every episode was hosted by Stephen Fry. Clive Anderson and Danny Baker each won two episodes in the A Series; Jo Brand appeared in four A Series episodes, more than any other panellist apart from Alan. The highest score in the series was 54 (Gyles Brandreth in "Advertising") and the lowest was -38 (Jo Brand in "Arthropods"). More statistics can be found at QIScoreboard's page for the series.

Episodes Edit

Numbers in brackets after a panellist's name indicate the number of appearances they have made up until - and including - that episode.

# Topic Guests Winner(s)
1 Adam Danny Baker (1)
Hugh Laurie (1)
John Sessions (1)
Danny Baker
2 Astronomy Bill Bailey (1)
Rich Hall (1)
Jeremy Hardy (1)
Rich Hall and
Jeremy Hardy
3 Aquatic Animals Bill Bailey (2)
Clive Anderson (1)
Meera Syal (1)
Clive Anderson
4 Atoms Jeremy Hardy (2)
Jo Brand (1)
Howard Goodall (1)
Jo Brand
5 Advertising Rich Hall (2)
Gyles Brandreth (1)
Rob Brydon (1)
Gyles Brandreth
6 Antidotes & Answers Danny Baker (2)
Jo Brand (2)
Howard Goodall (2)
Danny Baker
7 Arthropods Jo Brand (3)
Jimmy Carr (1)
Jackie Clune (1)
Jackie Clune
8 Albania Clive Anderson (2)
Sean Lock (1)
Linda Smith (1)
Clive Anderson
9 Antelopes Jo Brand (4)
Jeremy Hardy (3)
Dave Gorman (1)
Dave Gorman
10 Aviation Rich Hall (3)
Julia Morris (1)
Peter Serafinowicz (1)
Alan Davies
11 Arts Bill Bailey (3)
Linda Smith (2)
Richard E. Grant (1)
Richard E. Grant
12 Advent (Christmas special) Sean Lock (2)
John Sessions (2)
Phill Jupitus (1)
John Sessions

DVD Edit

Released on 6 November 2006 by BBC Worldwide, featuring the 12 episodes from the A Series along with:

  • Outtakes and extra bits
  • Pilot episode
  • New factoids
  • Production Team's Audio Commentary
  • Concealed elf banter

The series was also included as part of "Complete Series (A-C)", released on 4 September 2011.

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