"Cockneys" is the sixth episode of the C Series of QI and the 30th episode overall. It was first broadcast on BBC Two on 4 November 2005. It featured no new panellists. The episode was preceded by "Cat's Eyes" and followed by "Constellations".


Numbers in brackets mark appearances - e.g. "(2)" means "(second appearance)".

  1. Bill Bailey (8): 3 points
  2. Rory McGrath (2): -1 points
  3. Phill Jupitus (4): -12 points
  4. Alan Davies (30): -19 points


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  • Criminals originally used cockney rhyming slang to obfuscate what they were planning when they thought they could be heard.
  • "Cockney" means "cock's egg".
  • In the Cherokee language, the word for Cherokee is "ah-ni-yv-wi-ya". The word Cherokee comes from Cree. The writing system of the Cherokee language was invented by Sequoyah, and within a year most of the Cherokee were literate. Rory gets points for knowing the name Tsalagi, which is actually the name for the Cherokee language.
  • Giant Sequoias have bark 4-foot (1.2 m) thick and need forest fires to clear the ground for them to breed.
  • The panellists are asked if they use coal to brush their teeth.[1] The truth is that everyone uses coal when they clean their teeth, because it is present in the nylon bristles of the toothbrush, rather than the toothpaste.
  • Nylon was originally called "No Run".[2] The name was given by its inventor, Wallace Carothers of the DuPont company.
  • The Laughing Cavalier was painted on cannabis (or more precisely, hemp) and the word "canvas" originates from the Greek word "cannabis".
  • Chelmsford:
    • Was the capital of England for 5 days in 1381.
    • Is the only English town named after Julius Caesar.
    • Called "the dullest and most stupid spot on the face of the earth" by Charles Dickens.
    • Also had the first Marconi factory that made radios.
    • Has the largest burns unit in Europe.

General IgnoranceEdit

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  • Babies in the womb are covered in hair (lanugo) – it then sheds this hair, eats it, and then excretes it as meconium.
  • If Stephen was to paint Alan's body in gold,[3] as per the James Bond film Goldfinger, he'd get very hot and couldn't sweat.
  • Humans have between 9 and 21 senses.[4] Apart from sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, there is the sense of balance, the sense of temperature and the sense of pain, among others.
  • The oldest man in the Bible is Enoch,[5] as "the Lord took him" and he is therefore not dead.


"Pin The Tastebud On The Catfish": each contestant was given a picture of a catfish and told to add stickers to the parts of the catfish that had taste buds. Catfish have thousands of taste buds all over their body.


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