"Discoveries" is the second episode of the D Series of QI and the 38th episode overall. It was first broadcast on BBC Four on 29 September 2006 and was broadcast on BBC Two on 6 October 2006. It featured the first appearance of Vic Reeves. The episode was preceded by "Danger" and followed by "Dogs".


Numbers in brackets mark appearances - e.g. "(2)" means "(second appearance)".

  1. Vic Reeves (1): 16 points
  2. Alan Davies (38): 0 points
  3. Clive Anderson (7): -7 points
  4. Arthur Smith (3): -23 points


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  • It rains the most on Saturdays, because of industrial activities over the week cause a seven-day dust cycle.
  • The link between gelignite (invented by Alfred Nobel), saccharin, and the rings of Uranus is that they were all serendipitous discoveries. Caffeine, Silly Putty, Viagra, the Post-it note, penicillin, and the Americas were also serendipitous discoveries.
  • Charles Darwin suffered from Chagas disease. Millions of South Americans also suffer from it.[1] It was discovered by Carlos Chagas and is the only disease entirely described by one single researcher.
  • Darwin couldn't describe brown owls because he thought they were indescribable as a food. He was seen as a poor student who couldn't spell. He was a member of the Gourmet Club of Cambridge and ate animals such as the Brown Owl.[2]
  • William Dampier was the first Englishman to set foot in Australia and invented the "wind over current" map. His A New Voyage Around the World was carried around by sailors for 100 years. He influenced the books Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver's Travels. He also introduced the words serrated, nor'wester, sea-breezes, caress, rambling, sea-lion, kumquat and excursion into the English language.
  • Jules Leotard's clothing invention, which he called the "maillot", was renamed after him when he died. He also invented the Flying Trapeze.
  • Kangaroos do not pass wind, possibly because of various forms of bacteria in their stomach.

General IgnoranceEdit

This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia's article "QI (D series)" (view authors here or here). Smallwikipedialogo
  • Queen Victoria wore a bustle that played the music of God Save the Queen[3] to mask the sound of her flatulence.
  • The "twit twoo" is created by two Brown owls,[4] the female goes "twit" and the male "twoo".
  • Fernville Lord Digby was the name of the most famous Dulux dog.


Each panellist is tasked with working out what an object registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office was designed for.

  • Clive Anderson: Brassiere Having Integrated Inflatable Bladders For The Holding Of Comestible Liquids
  • Alan Davies: Santa Claus Detector.
  • Vic Reeves: Fresh-Air Breathing Device & Method (Toilet Snorkel)
  • Arthur Smith: Three-Tiered Comb-Over To Conceal Partial Baldness


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