Series I was the ninth series of QI and it aired from 9 September 2011 to 27 April 2012. It was recorded between 7 June 2011 and 24 May 2011, broadcast on BBC Two and contains 16 episodes, each of which have XL editions.

The series featured a "Nobody Knows" joker card: panellists could gain points by using the card if the answer to a question was "nobody knows".


# in series # in total[1] Title Panellists[2] Winner(s) Airdate[3]
1 94 I-Spy Jimmy Carr
Lee Mack
Sandi Toksvig
Sandi Toksvig 9 September 2011
2 95 International Bill Bailey
Jack Dee
David Mitchell
Bill Bailey 16 September 2011
3 96 Imbroglio John Bishop
Frank Skinner
Sean Lock
John Bishop and
Frank Skinner
23 September 2011
4 97 Indecision Jimmy Carr
Rich Hall
Phill Jupitus
Phill Jupitus 30 September 2011
5 98 Invertebrates Jimmy Car
Sarah Millican
Johnny Vegas
Johnny Vegas 7 October 2011
6 99 Inventive Bill Bailey
Nina Conti
Sean Lock
Nina Conti 14 October
7 100 Incomprehensible Brian Cox
Ross Noble
Sue Perkins
Brian Cox 21 October 2011
8 101 Inequality Clive Anderson
Sandi Toksvig
Henning Wehn
Sandi Toksvig 28 October 2011
9 102 Illness Jo Brand
Ben Goldacre
Andy Hamilton
Andy Hamilton 4 November 2011
10 103 Inland Revenue Dara Ó Briain
Al Murray
Sandi Toksvig
Sandi Toksvig 11 November 2011
11 104 Infantile Ronni Ancona
Dave Gorman
Lee Mack
Dave Gorman 29 December 2011[5]
12 105 Illumination Chris Adderson
Jack Dee
Rich Hall
Rich Hall 25 November 2011
13 106 Intelligence Jo Brand
Phill Jupitus
David Mitchell
ASIMO 2 December 2011
14 107 Ice (Christmas special) Brian Blessed
Sean Lock
Ross Noble
Alan Davies 29 December 2011
15 108 The Immortal Bard[7] Bill Bailey
David Mitchell
Sue Perkins
David Mitchell 27 April 2012[8]
16 109 Idleness Dara Ó Briain
Jeremy Clarkson
Ross Noble
Alan Davies 4 May 2012[9][10]

QI VG Edit

Main article: QI VG: Series I Compilation Show 1 and QI VG: Series I Compilation Show 2

Two thirty-minute compilation episodes of the I Series, entitled QI VG, were broadcast on 16 and 23 December 2011, between "Intelligence" and "Ice".


  1. Not including Pilot, clip show episodes or Comic Relief Special.
  2. Not including Alan Davies, who appeared as a panellist in every episode.
  3. Date of QI version airing; XL versions, unless indicated otherwise, aired the following day.
  4. Ventriloquist puppet of Nina Conti.
  5. Unusually, the XL edition was broadcast before the shortened edition, on 19 November 2011. The shortened edition, which would have aired on 18 November, was replaced by Children in Need.
  6. ASIMO only appeared during one of the questions, to demonstrate its movement capabilities.
  7. The episode was part of BBC Two's "Shakespeare Unlocked" specials.
  8. The XL edition did not air until 19 May 2012.
  9. The episode was originally supposed to be broadcast on 9 December 2011, between "Intelligence" and "QI VG: Series I Compilation Show 1", but Clarkson had recently caused controversy by making offensive comments about people who committed suicide by jumping in front of trains. Therefore, "Idleness" was postponed "to avoid putting Clarkson in the spotlight".
  10. The XL edition did not air on television until 24 May 2012, although it was accidentally available on BBC iPlayer on 5 May 2012 and quickly removed.
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