Episode Information
Series: J
Episode: 1
Original airdate: (Std) 14th Sep. 2012
(XL) 15th Sep. 2012
Guests: Bill Bailey
Victoria Coren
Victoria Coren
Final scores: Bill Bailey: 4
Alan Davies: -6
Victoria Coren: 13
Jimmy Carr: -22
Next episode: Jam, Jelly and Juice

Recording dateEdit

6 June 2012


  • Bill Bailey - 26th appearance
  • Alan Davies
  • Victoria Coren (Winner) - 1st appearance
  • Jimmy Carr - 21st appearance


Panellists are given a series of unusual J words. The word jigger has 28 different meanings.

General IgnoranceEdit

There was no General Ignorance round in either the regular broadcast or the XL version.

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