Sandi Toksvig is a Danish-British comedian, presenter, actor, producer and politician. She will host QI from Series N onwards.

Toksvig is the eighth-most common panellist on the show,[1] with 16 appearances prior to becoming the show's host.[2] She is the second-most common female panellist. During her appearances from "Ganimals" to "Maths", she won 10 episodes, with her highest score in "Killers" (14 points) and her lowest score in "Inequality and Injustice" (-54 points).

Hosting QIEdit

On October 14, 2015 it was announced that after the M Series, Stephen Fry would be stepping down as host of the show after 13 years. Taking the helm for the N Series will be Sandi Toksvig, who describes the role as her "dream telly job and [she has] huge shoes to fill."[3]


  1. Not including Alan Davies
  2. As of the end of the L Series

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